For all Ohioans Who are 60 or Over
or Disabled


How to Get a Card - Ohio residents who hold current Ohio Driver Licenses or State ID cards automatically receive a Golden Buckeye card in the month of their 60th birthday. Individuals who do not have a current license or State ID, as well as people under age 60 who are eligible due to disability, or who otherwise do not receive their card automatically, may apply for a card at public libraries. ID, age and disability (when appropriate) verification required (proof of Medicare, SSI, or Workman’s Compensation). You cannot apply for a Golden Buckeye Card online or by phone.



Miami County Libraries

Piqua Public Library- 116 W. High St. Piqua
Milton Union Public Library- 560 S. Main St. Milton Union
Tipp City Public Library- 11 E. Main St. Tipp City
Troy Miami County Public Library- 419 W. Main St. Troy
Oakes Beitman Memorial Library- 12 N. Main St. Pleasant Hill
JR Clarke Public Library- 102 E. Spring St. Covington



NOTE: Applications must be filled out and completed onsite. The application takes about five to ten minutes to complete and there is no charge for the application.



How to Get a Replacement Card - If your Golden Buckeye Card has been lost, stolen or damaged,
call 1-866-301-6446 to request a replacement.