55 E Jackson Blvd, Suite 490
Chicago, IL 60604

Our Vision

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) envisions wellness for people living with mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder).

Our Mission

DBSA provides hope, help, support, and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders.

Our Values


  • Perform at the highest standards. We strive for the best in class.
  • Be honest in our interactions and develop trusting relationships.
  • Take personal, and where appropriate, team responsibility for results.
  • Acknowledge what we don’t know.


  • Demonstrate a willingness to continuously learn, grow, and change.
  • Celebrate our differences.
  • Be present, curious, and receptive to new and different ideas and situations.


  • Ask for help and reciprocate help when needed.
  • Respect each other’s perspectives, experiences, and sensitivities.
  • Be mindful of our individual impact on the work environment.
  • Speak with thoughtfulness. We think before we speak.


  • Show a willingness to give up personal ownership for the greater good/outcome.
  • Work together to foster individual and organizational growth.
  • Create an environment where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Have a holistic view of the work of the organization.
  • Remain flexible to achieve optimal outcomes.

Who We Are

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is a leading national organization focusing on mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder, which affect over 21 million Americans, account for over 50% of the nation’s DBSA offers peer-based, wellness-oriented support and empowering services and resources available when people need them, where they need them, and how they need to receive them—online 24/7, in local support groups, in audio and video casts, or in printed materials distributed by DBSA, our chapters, and mental health care facilities across America.

Through our extensive online and print resources and our nearly 600 support groups and more than 200 chapters, DBSA reaches millions of people each year with in-person and online peer support; current, readily understandable information about depression and bipolar disorder; and empowering tools focused on an integrated approach to wellness.

PHONE: 1-800-826-3632