Legal Services for criminal charges, contempt of court cases and other related charges carrying potential jail time.


Miami County Courthouse
201 W. Main Street
Troy, Ohio 45373


PHONE:                (937) 440-3950

 FAX:                       (937) 440-3951

SERVICE AREA:     All of Miami County, Ohio

OFFICE HOURS:    8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

OFFICE DAYS:       Monday through Friday

SERVICES:              Legal Services for Criminal Charges, Contempt of Court cases and other related charges carrying potential jail time.

ELIGIBILITY:          Charged with a crime in Miami County, Ohio that carries with it a possibility of jail time and meets the minimum monetary requirements for eligi­bility. A financial disclosure/affidavit of indigency (Form OPD-206R) must be filled out to determine eligibility. Forms are available in the Public Defender’s Office.

DOCUMENTS NEEDED:   Summons, complaints, tickets, indictments or other documents ordering you to court, proof of income, completed financial disclosure/affidavit of indigency.

RESTRICTIONS:                        N/A

HOW TO USE:                           Apply in person.


  • $25.00 Application Fee
  • Mandatory charge, State law
  • Possible recoupment charges if marginally indigent