PHONE: 1-614-486-2700

WEBSITE: https://www.oda.org/

Our Mission

The mission of the Ohio Dental Association is to improve oral health and strengthen dentistry in Ohio by:

  • Supporting, protecting, and advancing the interests of member dentists;
  • Providing resources to advance the dental profession;
  • Improving dental team skills;
  • Increasing public and professional oral health knowledge; and
  • Improving oral health through increased access to care.

Our Tripartite Structure

When you join the ODA, you also become a member of your local component society and the American Dental Association. This tripartite structure begins at the local level and extends to the state (ODA) and national (ADA) levels.

Each level offers valuable benefits and resources to members to help you in your daily practice and also to further the development of the dental profession. Since its founding in 1866, the Ohio Dental Association has advanced and supported the state’s dental profession in the delivery of quality oral health care through advocacy, education, and support.

All licensed dentists practicing in Ohio are encouraged to join the ODA