SNAP Education Program

Nutrition education and obesity prevention services for SNAP program participants. Also includes thrifty shopping, cooking classes and stretching your food dollars.

Family Nutrition and Consumer Sciences

Deliver educational programs focused on building Healthy People, Healthy Finances and Healthy Relationships. We help people keep healthy through good nutrition and food safety, use their money wisely, and balance the demands of life and work. Programs include: life skill development, thrifty shopping, finances, parenting, dining with diabetes, and senior education.



201 W. Main Street

Troy, Ohio 45373

PHONE:                 (937) 440-3945

WEBSITE:              miami.osu.edu

SERVICE AREA:    Miami County

OFFICE HOURS:    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

OFFICE DAYS:       Monday through Friday

ELIGIBILITY:         Some programs require SNAP eligibility; call for details.


RESTRICTIONS:              None

HOW TO USE:                  Call OSU Extension, Miami County, at the above number.

FEE POLICY:                   Some are free, others vary.