Vocational guidance and counseling

Physical or psychol­ogic­al restora­tion


Job placement assistance



150 E. Campus View Blvd.

Columbus, Ohio 43235-4604

Mailing Address

400 E. Campus View Blvd.

Columbus, Ohio 43235-4604

PHONE:                 1-800-282-4536 or 1-614-438-1200

WEBSITE:              www.ood.ohio.gov

ELIGIBILITY:        The presence of a physical or emotional dis­ability which substantially limits one from obtaining, maintaining, or preparing for employment.

A reasonable expectation that one will bene­fit from VR services in terms of employment.

DOCUMENTS NEEDED:   Social Security number, current medical re­cords, if available, education and employment history.

RESTRICTIONS:              Person with disability must be able to work competitively.

HOW TO USE:                Call to make a referral or visit oodworks.com.  Indi­viduals will be served in their home counties by counselor at the time of initial interview.

Home visits may be made if you are unable to come into the office due to the severity or limitations of your disability.

FEE POLICY:                  Consumers are asked to contribute to the extent possible.