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SERVICE AREA: Miami, Darke & Shelby Counties

OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Monday- Friday)

OFFICE DAYS: Monday – Friday


Retirement Benefits, Spouses Benefits, Divorced Spouses

Benefits, Survivor Benefits, Medicare Hospital and Medical Insurance.

Establish entitlement to Survivors Benefits, including Widows and Widowers, Surviving Divorced Spouses, Unmarried


Establish entitlement to Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI).

Establish entitlement to Child’s Benefits and Spouses Benefits for family members of disabled individuals.

Establish entitlement to Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The eligibility requirements listed are general and do not take into account the many special circumstances that may also enable an individual to establish eligibility. Do not make a decision not to file based only on this information.

Application for Social Security Numbers, including issuance of numbers to those who have never had a number, replacement of lost cards, and changing a name on a card.

ELIGIBILITY: Retirement Benefits: Age 62, and 40 work credits (10 years).

Spouses Benefits: Age 62, and an established spousal relationship to a worker drawing benefits.

ELIGIBILITY: Divorced Spouse: Age 62, and a marriage that lasted 10 years to worker also age 62.

Medicare: Attainment of age 65.

Widows or widowers: Age 60, or any age if caring for a child under 16 or disabled.

Unmarried children under age 18, (or 19, if attending a secondary school), or disabled if disability began before age 22.

Divorced Spouse: Age 60, unmarried, and marriage lasted 10 years.

Disabled widow or widower including divorced: Age 50.

For SSDI to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits an individual must have worked long enough and recently enough. The number of work credits needed depends on an individual’s age and when the disability began.

The number of work credits needed will be determined by the Social Security Office.

For SSI age 65 or older, blind, or disabled and have limited income and resources. Children as well as adults can get SSI because of blindness or disability.

For Application for Social Security Numbers must be a United States citizen, or a legally admitted alien with a valid need for a Social Security Number.

DOCUMENTS NEEDED: For Retirement Benefits, etc. Certified copy of the birth certificate; W-2 form or self-employment tax return for the last year; certified copy of marriage certificate, and divorce decree if applying for Divorced Spouses Benefits.

For Entitlement to Survivors Benefits, etc. certified copies of birth certificate for each applicant, marriage certificate, death certificate, and divorce decree; for disabled widow(er) s will also need the complete name, address, and phone numbers of all doctors and hospitals that have rendered treatment.

For Entitlement to SSDI certified copy of the birth certificate for each applicant; medical information including the complete name, address, and phone number of all doctors and hospitals that have rendered treatment.

DOCUMENTS NEEDED: For SSI: Certified copy of the birth certificate; information about mortgage or lease and landlords name; payroll slips, insurance pass policies, car registration, burial fund records; savings account book, checking account register, and last statement; complete names, addresses, and phone numbers of all doctors and hospitals that have rendered treatment.

For Social Security Numbers those who have never had a number: Certified copy of a birth certificate, and evidence of identity. 

Replacement card: Evidence of identity (not birth certificate).

Name change: Evidence of identity in both the old and new name.

If an alien: All documents issued by Immigration and Naturalization Service.


HOW TO USE: Call 1 (800) 772-1213 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Monday – Friday to schedule an appointment. Appointments are necessary but will expedite service and lessen waiting times. If they are planning to visit the office to file for benefits without an appointment, best time is the latter part of the month, and not on a Monday.

You can apply for many benefits and services online. Visit and choose Online Claims &  Services, or you may apply for some benefits in the office at the Express Kiosks.

For Social Security Numbers only call 1(800) 772-1213, 24 hours a day from a touch-tone phone to have an application mailed. Complete the application and mail along with the original documents needed (as shown above) to Social Security Administration, 277 S. Looney Rd., Piqua, OH. 45356. All documents will be returned. Can also visit the office to complete the application and provide the documents.