We spread love through the simple joy of birthday parties for children who might not otherwise be celebrated.

410 N Elm Street
Troy, OH 45373

PHONE:  (937) 524-3097

EMAIL: shelly@welovebirthdayparties.org

WEBSITE: https://www.welovebirthdayparties.org

OFFICE HOURS: 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (Call first)

OFFICE DAYS: Tuesday-Saturday


  1. We provide monthly birthday parties at community centers, shelters, churches, etc. who are reaching kids at or below poverty level.
  2. We provide birthday boxes for children experiencing foster care or those caught up in the court system (available through case workers, CASA volunteers, counselors, and foster families.) We do not provide this service for the general public.
  3. We share our beautiful physical space with the community for rentals for birthday parties, showers, family gatherings, and public events. The rental fee supports our mission. 

ELIGIBILITY: Children Newborn-18 years, must be enrolled in an assistance program that confirms income level.